Regularly Scheduled R/C Shows!

Do you run or know of another live broadcast? Let us know on our Contact page so we can place the show up here. Let us know the times, links, and a bit of information.

This page is highly subject to change; the latest updates as we can get them will be posted. Also, just because a feed is listed here, doesn’t mean they don’t go live other times for kicks. These are just the scheduled primary time slots.

Live Broadcasts

From video to radio streams, if it’s live, it goes here. All times are CST unless otherwise noted.


  • This Week In Radio Control – 6 PM
  • RC Radio Network – 7:30 PM


  • This Week In Radio Control – 6 PM
  • Phlat-Lab – 7 PM
  • RC FlightCast – 8 PM


  • Mikey’s RC – 8:30 PM Central, 6:30 PM Pacific


  • N/A


  • ATTF – All Things That Fly – 9PM Central

Phlat-Lab –

* LIVE SHOWS Every Wednesday NIGHT 8:00 EST * Here you can watch live feed of what we are up to in the Phlat-Lab. Cutting foam, Working on the Phlatprinter, etc…Enjoy, Mark and Trish

RC Radio Network –

The folks behind the RC Radio Network are a bunch of Radio control airplane pilots and car and truck drivers who love music and want to help our RC community. A live broadcast is exciting, it is dynamic and you are invited to be part of the action. You can interact with our show guest because our shows feature live text chat, listener call in capabilities and even live video feeds direct from the studio.

RC Flight Cast –

Frank and Brian, the father and son team, host a weekly podcast which provides for entertaining and informative R/C flight audio shows. Frank started out with R/C airplanes. He was a nitro guy but now realizes the greatness of electric power. Brian started out in R/C with cars, then an ESky Lama v3 and a GWS Slowstick, now all the planes and helis are too numerous to count.

Mikey’s RC –

Join us Thursdays 6:30pm – 7pm (PST – Pacific Standard Time) for our free, weekly live group chat to ask Mikey and our other guests any RC related questions you have and to discuss the latest topics and news in RC. We also take live calls to answer any questions or discuss any topics!

This Week In Radio Control –

Live and recorded interviews with RC Enthusiasts, generally running Wednesdays and Tuesdays at 6 PM CST, with a constantly updated schedule of specific interviews available on the schedule link.


You don’t have to do anything except click on Listen to live show.
You can chat, but if you want your name listed in the chat window, create a Talkshoe account.To call in to be put into the queue (if we start taking live calls)
Call ID: 54479