Our videos are embedded within our articles, but for simplicity’s sake, here are videos grouped together. Click a thumbnail to view the video, or click the YouTube link to go directly to YouTube.

Just for fun

My father tries to kill me. YouTube

Quickie build of a helicopter test stand. YouTube

E-Flite Blade mSR Fun Flights YouTube

Blade CP Pro 2 Hover Practice YouTube

Testing LED Blades on a CP Pro 2 YouTube

Transmitter Series

Dual Rate and Expo Theory, Part 1 YouTube

Dual Rate and Expo Theory, Part 2 YouTube

Dx6i Dual Rates and Expo YouTube

Dx7 Dual Rates and Expo YouTube

Binding and Model Memory YouTube

Intro to Transmitters YouTube

RC Power Series

Intro to basic RC circuit components YouTube

LiPo Batteries YouTube

Electronic Speed Controllers YouTube

Night Flying Series

Part 1 YouTube

Part 2 YouTube

Part 3 YouTube

Part 4 YouTube

Part 5 YouTube

Part 6 YouTube

Part 7 YouTube

Part 8 YouTube

Part 9 YouTube

Part 10 YouTube

Part 11 YouTube

Combat Series

Part 1 – Parts and Plans YouTube

Part 2 – Tips and Tweaks YouTube

Part 3 – H-Frame and Combat Hits YouTube

Combat Reloaded YouTube