Date posted: October 24, 2011

Gasp.  Choke.  Sputter.

That about sums up the attention I’ve given to RC the last few months.  I’m not terribly sure when I actually flew anything.  Perhaps it was Labor Day for a few minutes when I was feeling well enough to go outside.  Great time to find out I’m allergic to Amoxicillin.  The hives, they were a itchin’.

I am taking the de facto leave of absence that clearly already exists and extending it indefinitely.  Hobbies being what they are, my flying came first, the site came second, and I’m rarely in the state of mind to want to fly these days, let alone the production of articles and videos.  Not that it wasn’t fun; it has been a great creative outlet for me.   Teaching myself site development, video production, electronics, audio and live streaming, airbrushing, etc. has been an outright blast and one hell of a creative outlet.  That outlet is satisfied for now, and since the workload has picked up with my daytime job and will continue to do so until early summer of next year, I’m just not going to commit to producing anything here for the time being.

It’s not a lack of interest in flying, but I have been in this hobby long enough to know when I’m good to fly and when I’m not good to fly.  More often than not anymore, I’m rarely in a good state of mind for it.  A matter of energy and focus, if you will, which lends itself to a slight malaise over the hobby if you don’ t have it.

It’s not a matter of money.  Every dime put into the hobby and this site I knew going in that I’d never get back.  I’ve had many emails asking for advertisement space, sponsor this, review that, etc.  That’s not why I built the site.  It was my journey into RC over the last two years, from noob to … slightly-less noob, and as I learned things I’d try to package it into a video and article format that I felt I didn’t see enough of out there in the RC media universe.  You can watch the flick, and reference the article.  I always liked that idea.  I feel it gives the greatest informational bang for the buck.

Speaking again of the buck, as I said, it’s not a matter of money.  Never took a donation and never would.  If I couldn’t do this for free as a labor of love than it’s quite simply not meant to be done.  It’s not my job, and I would never want it to be my job.  I’ll only travel down that type of road once, and this site is not it.  The second I take a donation or charge is the second this site feels like I owe people, and I dislike the thought of being an indentured servant over a hobby.

It all comes down to time and energy, and for the foreseeable future, I won’t have it.

It also comes down to room…. I’m a bachelor in a single bedroom apartment and quite frankly, I’m kind of sick of having my living room be a workshop.  I’m fairly certain I won’t do this again until I’ve moved somewhere the workshop can be dedicated and not embedded into my direct living quarters.  It makes things difficult.

So where does that leave us?  Well… We may be back.  I’m leaving the content here as a reference, and I’ll still answer some emails and questions as I am able.  Someday I may get the bug to produce a video again. Until then I think I’m packing up my stuff so I don’t feel suffocated by parts and foam and electronics.  So I’m not throwing it away, and no, you can’t have it. ;)

Thanks to all those that sent me letters of appreciation for the work I’ve done along the way, because, quite frankly, that’s exactly the audience this site was for.  Its dual purpose of a creative outlet for me and free source of ‘edutainment’ for you has served us both.  Thanks to Chameleon for his Mach One Combat Flyer design, it’s a fun cheap outlet for the more… aggressive flying types. :)

Thanks, Pop, for getting me so damn hooked into this hobby that we ran the gambit of frustrations and laughs over it, and hopefully we can fly again someday.




Eric R. Krystof