Date posted: March 29, 2010

Download Presidential Delivery to Springfield, NE as PDF

So, let’s think back a month and a half or so, and Pops and I are watching Lipo Pilot’s RC TV show (see our showtimes page for R/C Shows), and his giveaway of the day is an Estes 747 EDF Jet.

I reserved entering into the contest as three weeks prior I won a 7.4 Li-Po battery, so I figured I’d not enter in some contests for a bit. My father, however, decided to throw his hat in the ring with the lucky number of 747. LipoPilot draws out the numbers, and wouldn’t you know it… 747 is called.

I laugh and shudder at the same time. Carnage. Destruction. More Carnage. Pops and I are still quite new to this hobby, and quite frankly, this puppy is beyond us a bit, but he’s looking forward to ‘launching’ the presidential airplane through the skies of Springfield. Since this runs on vectored thrust, it’s a completely different flight dynamic than what we’re used to. (gulp)

There are a plethora of modifications for this plane online, from NiMH to Li-Po conversion, aileron and rudder additions, brushless conversions, receiver modifications, and more. The plane itself is ready to assemble and fly, it comes with all the electronics necessary.

Pops and I had a good laugh with the ‘launcher’, however. A flimsy piece of plastic that they expect you to embed into the ground and use to catapult your plane forward into the air. Which, by looking at it alone, seems to be a nifty way to embed a piece of plastic in your forehead as you pull back the plane.

Since I would most likely be the ‘launcher’, I don’t think I like this idea, so I’ll have to look out for other ways to launch this. I don’t wear plastic spikes well.

Here’s some pictures, and a proud Pops holding his prize. Thanks to Lipo Pilot for holding the contest!

It’s up to Pops if we do any modifications to this, he may just launch and fly. We’ll post some updates as disaster recovery efforts events warrant.

P.S. God Help Us All.

Hey, if I crash it, I get four Jets to use!

The Brushed Motor Airforce One Kit

The Brushed Motor Airforce One Kit

The Brushed Motor Airforce One Kit

The Brushed Motor Airforce One Kit

The Brushed Motor Airforce One Kit