Date posted: July 26, 2009

Download Simple Hovering Practice, July 26, 2009 as PDF

Some outside hovering of my E-Flite Blade CPP2 and my father’s CX2 outside on one of the few somewhat nice weekends we’ve had for flying this summer.

Simple hovering and maneuvering practice, nothing special, which in my book is good, no real crashes! Wind was a bit heavy for the CX2, but all in all a good little set of flights.

Dad says I’m getting better. I’m trying not to rush anything, and I’m looking forward to trying out the HoneyBee King 3 (hopefully coming tomorrow!), and fixing my Blade 400 up.

The hope there is to try multiple helicopters to not only get more practice, but also get a good feel as to the differences in flying alternate helicopters. That’s right, feeling.

Once More… This time, wif feeeeeeeewing.

What was that? This is not a chawade. We need total concentwation. Now, try again — this time, wifffeeeeeewing.

So funk out with some simple hovering action. Hopefully I look at this a year from now and exclaim ‘My god… it’s full of stars…that flying is awful.’

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