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March 2010

The Brushed Motor Airforce One Kit Journal

So, let’s think back a month and a half or so, and Pops and I are watching Lipo Pilot’s RC TV show (see our showtimes Continue Reading →

The man who got my father into RC, standing alongside yours truly. Journal

Our about page details how my father purchased a small helicopter at a local auto show, which started our trek into the RC hobby. The Continue Reading →

Graphing servo movement vs stick movement Radios, RC Circuits

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Transmitters  Dual Rates This was actually the first transmitter video/article I wanted to create, but I figured we should walk before we run, as even though Continue Reading →

E-Flite Blade mCX S300 and 4 Port Charger Helicopters, Journal

Time to take my Uncle’s addiction one step further… We gave him a 3-channel simple heli for Christmas of 2009, now let’s kick it up Continue Reading →